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Mr. Rooster Is Up for Bids

McKinney is a chicken friendly city. Each April our town hosts an event where chicken owners open their backyards to visitors and poultry enthusiasts. It’s called the McKinney Tour de COOP. I always enjoy seeing the variety of chicken coop designs people come up with. Some are quite fancy with chandeliers and stained-glass windows while others are simple and rustic.

Mr. Rooster,   a crylic on gallery wrap canvas, 16" x 16" 

Mr. Rooster, acrylic on gallery wrap canvas, 16" x 16" 

This year, there is an online auction of chicken coop inspired art benefiting McKinney's Historic Chestnut Square. The auction is open through April 30, 2017.

This event inspired me to paint a colorful and playful rooster!