Artist Statement

My life has been dedicated to celebrating all that is lyrical, graceful, and vibrant. When I was younger, growing up in Texas, it was expressed through dance and now it is through the visual arts.

The subjects of my oil paintings are identifiable, but they are depicted in unique, bright colors with flowing, free brushstrokes. However, when I paint with acrylics, I create bold abstractions that contain only hints of recognizable objects. 

I paint whatever calls to me whether it is a scene from my travels, painting from direct observation or translating a memory into colors, light, and shapes. I am inspired by the vibrations of color and light and how that translates into capturing the spirit of a painting’s subject; a chosen subject that resonates with me whether it feels mysterious, is breathtakingly beautiful, or alive with color, it must be something with which I feel an emotional connection.

When I paint, it is a dance, a dialogue with the painting as I apply layers upon layer, color upon color which is energetically added as the composition develops organically. In the same manner, when I draw with pastels or charcoal, I use fluid, gestural marks emphasizing the subject’s liveliness. Whatever the media, my goal is to capture an uplifting, positive spirit through vivid colors and eloquent application.

My artwork reflects the way I have always embraced the beauty and rhythm of life. It is a dance, a dialogue that I wish to share with the viewer.  It is my hope that when people experience my art, they are happily affirming the beauty and color that surrounds us.

about silky

Silky’s first bona fide art experience was in the Fall of 2011 when she took an en plein air workshop with Jill Steenhuis in Aix-en-Provence. Although mostly self-taught, she continued her art studies with two classes at Brookhaven College in Dallas, Texas and various workshops with artists such as Anne Blair Brown and Tracy Verdugo. She completed a three-term long distance course with Jemma Derbyshire of Edinburgh, Scotland and continues to take life-drawing classes with Ellen Soderquist in Richardson, Texas. 

Silky was selected to be an Artist in Residence at the Elephant Butte Lake Artist Residency in New Mexico for the month February 2017. 

Silky has a BFA in Dance from Texas Christian University and a Master’s Degree in International Business from Thunderbird School of Global Management. For many years, she worked in marketing and public relations while also teaching creativity workshops. Then, Silky became a Certified Expressive Arts Facilitator and worked with a variety of populations including psychiatric patients, women in shelters, youth-at-risk, people with cancer and young adults with learning disabilities. 

Silky keeps an art studio in the historical district of McKinney, Texas where she lives with her husband, dog and two cats.

current and upcoming exhibitions

January - April, 2018  •  Group Exhibition, McKinney Public Library, McKinney, Texas

September 21 - 23, 2018  •  Solo Show, The Cove, McKinney, Texas


past exhibitions

December 1, 2017-January 13, 2018  •  TAC Small Works Show, Juried Group Show, Fort Worth Community Arts Center, Fort Worth, Texas

September 15-17, 2017  • In My Own Backyard, Solo Show, The Cove, McKinney, Texas

June 10-30,  2017  •  New Mexico Dreamscapes, Solo Show, The Martin Place, McKinney, Texas

April 5 - May 6, 2017  •  Group Show, Dwell with Dignity Pop Up Art Gallery, Dallas, Texas

April 1 - 22, 2017  •  Group Show, UNIQUE BY NATURE Juried Art Show at McKinney Performing Arts Center

February – April, 2017  •  Group Show, McKinney Public Library, McKinney, Texas

February 11-28, 2017  •  Group Show: EBLAR Artists in Residence
Rio Bravo Fine Art Gallery, Truth or Consequences, New Mexico

July 23, 2016  •  Urban Art Scene: Architecture, Art & Culture, Pop-Up Gallery, Dallas, Texas

February 2016  •  Invitational Group Show, Orison’s Fine Art Gallery, McKinney, Texas

October 2015 • Emerging Artist Competition, First Place
Group Show, Orison’s Fine Art Gallery, McKinney, Texas